CHFC HOPE - Congregation Supported Agriculture (CSA)

CHFC HOPE - Congregation Supported Agriculture (CSA)

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For all products from the greenhouse managed by CHFC HOPE!

HOPE is a project of the Cherry Hill Free Clinic. We offer affordable organic produce to our community and patients that we grow at the Good Tree Farm in New Egypt, New Jersey. Proceeds from produce sales will allow us to expand our services to uninsured patients.

 All produce will be offered at discount prices compared to what is sold in local stores. The following additional discounts are available to our members:

  • Ramadan Special! Purchase your CSA Gift Card during Ramadan and receive a 25% discount from our list price.
  • Shawwal Special! Purchase a CSA Gift Card during Shawwal and receive a 15% discount from our list price.

*Discount applies to all produce purchased with that card. If you purchase additional cards later in the season, the list price applies.

  • Buy your CSA Gift Card at the $300 level or above and receive a free prize:
    • Choose a CHFC-HOPE sun visor or aluminum water bottle.
  • Referral Program: Name the member who referred you when you purchase your first gift card:
    • Get 50% off your first purchase. Maximum $20 purchase.
    • The person who referred you will receive a $10 gift certificate redeemable at our store.
    • Prize for the person who refers the most people by July 15 - $50 gift certificate.

**Produce pricing will be set by the CHFC HOPE team!**

Cherry Hill Free Clinic HOPE Project

How to Join our CSA:

  1. Go to:
  2. Set up a new account by entering your email address and choosing a password.
  3. Sign in.
  4. Choose “CSA Discount Memberships”.
  5. Scroll down to “CHFC-HOPE”, and click on it.
  6. Choose the investment level you would like to purchase.
  7. Click on the Cart (upper right corner).
  8. Under “Special Instructions for Seller” type: CHFC-HOPE
  9. If you were referred by a friend type: Referred: (friend’s name).
  10. Read the CSA Contract and check the box “I agree with the terms and conditions”.
  11. Check Out and wait for your confirmation email.