Placing Orders

1. Go to your account (from our website homepage or if you have the store bookmarked).

2. Login to our online store.

3. You can edit your address  and view your order history. Click on the order number to see details of each order.

4. Once products are available, you will go to our store, select the items and quantity you want, and proceed to checkout. Note that you can enter a gift card or discount code.

5. Open the email we sent you with your gift card (tip: bookmark it for easy access!), and click on the link to the gift card.

6. You will see your gift card number and your original CSA account balance. Copy the gift card number.

7. Paste it in the gift card field.

8. As CSA customers, you will receive a discount code that corresponds to your membership level's discount % before ordering begins. Make sure to include it when placing your order!

9. If your order is less than your balance, it will be completely paid by your CSA gift card. Note the adjusted order total reflecting the discount.

11. You can refer to your current balance at any time by clicking on the link to your gift card that we showed you in step 5.