About Us

Who we are: Good Tree Farm is a community-initiated, locally-owned, sustainable agriculture farm - focused on providing wholesome and safe food by growing organically. We have been Certified Organic by the NJ Dept of Agriculture.  Our application for renewal of certification for 2018 will be submitted soon.

What we do: We apply environmental stewardship in all our regenerative farming activities. Every year, we plant a large selection of vegetables, herbs, fruit and root and seed crops. We have bee hives for our honey and to aid with crop pollination. We provide our customers with both healthy food and opportunities for healthy living through on-farm community activities.

How to buy the food we produce: We sell mostly through our CSA Discount Club (sign up now!). But we also sell, at higher prices, at our farm stand. WE ALSO SHIP - home or work!  In 2018, we initiated 'congregation supported CSAs'.  In addition to our farm's GTF CSA, we also host the HOPE-csa for the Cherry Hill Free Clinic, and the WMEC-csa for the Willingboro Muslim community.

 Order your CSA membership now to reserve the best discount. 

Crops become available early June.

Our Mission
  • To promote healthier lifestyles and behavioral improvements in our society through the food we eat and where we buy it from.
  • To take back control of what we eat from big business in the food industry by promoting the concept of local food production.
  • To facilitate entrepreneurship and small business ownership and small scale agribusiness careers among the youth of America through on-farm internships and apprenticeships.
  • To bring people of faith together in strategic partnerships to bring about positive change locally and globally.
  • To establish a chain of locally owned and managed organic CSA farms which will produce fresh, local and healthy food with no negative impacts on our environment.