Congregation Supported Agriculture

This is open to faith congregations (churches, mosques, temples). 

For all farm products!

  • Best prices - guaranteed!
  • Multiple membership levels
  • Sign-up available until all membership slots are taken.

This year, we have three different CSAs: 

1.The Good Tree Farm-CSA
2. The Cherry Hill Free Clinic HOPE-CSA
3. The WMEC-CSA *coming soon!*

Depending on which CSA you want to be a part of, select the appropriate one from the icons below. For details on pricing and the community specific CSA contracts, please click on their icons below!

Signing up for any of the CSAs during Ramadan (by June 14th) gives you a 25% CSA discount on the per-unit price. Signing up between June 15th and July 15th gives you a 15% CSA discount on the per-unit price. 


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